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Ginger Tea Benefits

By Girish Mathur To alleviate an achy throat due to a cold or morning sickness ginger tea is the best and healthiest form of natural treatment. As with many other things homemade, ginger tea is better done at home instead … Continue reading

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Healthy Weight Loss With Ginger

By Julia Denham You probably know ginger as a candy, and have eaten gingerbread cookies. But did you know that this tuber is also a potent medicine, and can help you to lose weight? Ginger has been used as a … Continue reading

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Add Ginger Spice to Your Life – It’s a Powerful Anti – Oxidant, Anti – Nausea and Pain Relieving Spi

By Susan Bozeman History: Ginger is native to China and India, the word deriving from Sanskrit meaning ‘with a body like a deer’s antler’. Ginger’s shape reminds me of another root that is commonly sold in our supermarkets that can … Continue reading

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