Ginger Tea Benefits

By Girish Mathur

To alleviate an achy throat due to a cold or morning sickness ginger tea is the best and healthiest form of natural treatment.

As with many other things homemade, ginger tea is better done at home instead of being bought in the store in the form of tea bags.

Rather than buying a soda or other store bought iced tea, adding some lemon juice and honey to your ginger tea makes a great health drink both hot and warm. Either that make it on your own or you can purchase the organic tea.

Below is the procedure to make your own homemade tea

Buy a ginger root at about 2-21/2 inches long. This will get you about two cups of tea. First you will need to peel the ginger and then grate it. You may also cut the ginger in thin slices if you do not want to grate it.

Put the grated or sliced ginger in the water and put to boil. When the water has boiled the tea is ready to drink! You can either choose to filter the pieces out or you can keep them in your teacup and just wait for them to settle.

Then you can add the extras that are usually added into a regular cup of tea, such as lemon and honey, plus the tea bag depending on taste.

Tip – for best results and most extract boil for approximately ten to twenty minutes.

You can drink ginger just for the simple pleasures, or to cure anything from a regular cold and cough to serious stomach problems. This is because ginger is great for your health, an expectorant and thermogenic. If you are drinking it to heal a health issue, drink about 3-4 cups daily. Always then go for the best ginger bags of tea if you do want to make the tea yourself.

You should always have the crystallized ginger tea [] as well as ginger tea [].

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