10 Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

Ginger is definitely one of the most important part of most of the ancient cuisines in China, India, Europe and Saudi Arabia which makes these 10 ways to add ginger to your diet an important note to remember at all times. The medicinal effects of ginger have been known all over the world and it is recognized as healthy by the ancient and modern systems of medicine.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Among the many benefits of adding ginger are the following:

• Ginger tea has been taken to serve as a home remedy to treat indigestion nausea, flu, colds, sore throat, arthritis and many more illnesses. In most of these cases, ginger is best served without sweeteners.

• Most herbal medicines are more effective and more economical than taking drugs or other medicines. It is also safer because it has fewer side effects.

• Ginger works as anti-inflammatory agent that helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body. It can also prevent artery-clogging which causes heart disease.

Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

In this fast paced world, it may be difficult for us to buy ginger from the grocery store or many times we would forget to use it in our daily cuisine. It is a must to use ginger as part of our daily food intake. Here are some ways to add ginger to our diet:

• Always put ginger on your grocery list and choose one that looks juicier and fresh. Sometimes ginger can be found in Indian or Asian stores.

• When serving ginger, always wash it and peel it with a knife. Keep the skin to be used in making delicious herbal ginger tea (chai). It is very good for winter ailments such as cold and cough. Put the ginger skin in an open container but use it within a couple of days for tea making.

• To make it easy for you to add ginger in the meals, prepare it ahead by slicing it in thin strips and fine pieces or by grinding it into paste. Store in the fridge or freeze it. Now, you are ready to use it in your cooking.

• Potato dishes will have a spicier zing when the juice of grated ginger is sprinkled on them.

• Serve ginger lemonade by adding mint leaves and a little ginger juice to lemonade and the result is a spicy and refreshing drink that everyone loves.

• Give authentic taste to each dish by adding ginger slices or ginger paste on them. Whether you are cooking sweet and sour chicken or chicken masala, ginger is a great way to enhance the flavor of any food.

• Make your own ginger ale by adding real ginger to gingersnaps.

• Baked fruit desserts like apples or pears gain an authentic taste when ginger is sprinkled on them.

• Ginger adds spice to hot tea or coffee.

• Make a ginger marinade for meats by incorporating ginger in the mixture.

Ginger is one of the earliest spices that have been popular due to the many benefits that it can give so it is important that we should find ways to add it to our diet at all times.

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