3 Christmas Baking Ideas

With Christmas comes a sense of family, a sense of peace and tranquility and love. You’ve bought presents for your family, the decorations are up, the kids have received letters from Santa and now all that’s left to do is await the big day. Well, while you’re waiting, why don’t you bring the smell of Christmas to your house too with some wonderful Christmas baking?

A good start is Christmas cookies. You can make everything from cookie reindeer to cookie snowmen, cookie robins to cookie Christmas trees, or perhaps the most famous, gingerbread men. None of these are particularly difficult to make, and they’re not very time consuming either. They’re great for all the family, especially the kids, and you can make them in relatively big batches, so you could take them to your child’s school, to your work, or even to share at Church if you are religious. The smell of cookies, especially gingerbread men, is greatly associated with Christmas, so not only will you have some delicious sweet treats, but you’ll also give your house a wonderfully seasonal smell.

For the adults, you could make a cake, much like a Christmas pudding, with brandy or whiskey in it. Brandy is especially associated with Christmas as it’s warming and sweet, but whiskey is also a good bet when baking for Christmas. Bear in mind though that it’s essential you don’t add TOO much of your favourite alcoholic drink to your mix, otherwise it could end up being soggy or too intoxicating! Just enough to add a bit of “adult” flavouring to your Christmas cake.

Another great Christmas baking idea is a Yule log. This might not be a big tradition, but it would certainly be a new addition to your cook book. You can get the recipe for it anywhere. It’s simple but delicious and your kids will absolutely love it. For a bit of a kick, you can add chocolate or vanilla sauce to it for the kids, or brandy or Irish cream sauce to it for the grown ups. It’s a proper Christmas treat and can be enjoyed by everyone, children and adults alike, so it’s a winner all round!

Christmas is a great time of year to break out the cook books and make some tasty treats. There’s hundreds of Christmas recipes out there for you, so it’s just down to you to decide!

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