Ginger and Turmeric Can Cure Many Health Problems


Ginger has many health benefits. If you are suffering from indigestion, gas problem, cough, cold then you can make a paste(chutney) of ginger with little salt and use it daily or you can put a small piece of ginger in your mouth and chew it.

Ginger along with honey can cure cold, breathing problem. It can also be taken in case you have toothache.

If ginger is taken before meals then it can increase your hunger.

Ginger juice is known to be a diuretic. Also it is a great mouth freshener. Ginger can also be used to treat heart problems and dysentery.

So you see that ginger can be used to cure the most basic health problems. Just give it a try. There is no harm to it.


Turmeric too has many benefits. It can help in itching, pimple. You should bring it in your daily food items.

If someone is wounded, then he/she should be given turmeric rich milk at night. In fact Turmeric is a blood purifier.

It can also be used in cold by keeping a piece of turmeric in mouth.Like ginger it can also be used in cold, headache, toothache.

According to Ayurveda turmeric increases beauty creates an attraction on face. In case of headache, turmeric should be taken along with little warm water.

But Beware of false turmeric. In the market turmeric is artificially colored to make it attractive. But this is very harmful. Also sometimes yellow mud is mixed with turmeric. This can cause many health problems in place of treating those. Therefore you should try to grow turmeric at home and use it.

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